Tired of Your Dark Under Eye Circles?

Editor's Choice Eye Cream It's happened to us all at some point or another. You wake up and look in the mirror and two ugly, dark raccoon bags are staring right back at you. Dark circles under your eyes age your face and make you seem tired and worn down. Don't feel bad. Dark circles are easy to cover up with make-up, or treat with home remedies and eye creams.

And that's where we come in. Our consumer panel has put together all the best tips and tricks for treating and preventing dark circles, puffiness, and under eye bags. We've even tested all of the leading eye creams and rated them based on price, efficacy, and customer satisfaction. Check out our product reviews page now to determine which eye cream can help those dark circles fade once and for all.

Causes of Dark Circles

dark circles fade Before you can get rid of your dark circles, you must first understand how and why they happen. While lifestyle factors can effect the frequency of eye bags and puffiness, dark circles are actually caused by genetics. Thin skin under the eyes are hereditary, so some people are more susceptible to getting dark eye bags than others.

Dark circles can also be caused by medical problems, ranging from anemia to liver disease. Learn more about the medical causes of dark circles to determine if your tired, gloomy eyes are a symptom of something more.

Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally

Looking for a quick fix to brighten up your face? We recommend an overnight home remedy. Putting cucumbers slices, cold tea bags, mint leaves, aloe, or shea butter can give dark, puffy eyes a welcome lift by lightening up dark circles. You'd also be surprised how much good a few glasses of water and a good night's rest will do for your eyes.

But if a home remedy isn't enough, a natural eye cream is definitely your best bet. The skin around your eyes is the most entire skin on your entire body, and as such, is prone to allergic reactions and infection. For this reason, we at DarkCirclesFade.com do not recommend any cosmetics with synthetic ingredients.

An effective cream should contain a combination of cucumber, tea extracts, shea butter, retinyl palmitate, and skin-revitalizing vitamins A, E and C.

Check out our product reviews page to find out which all-natural under eye product tops the charts as the best eye cream for dark circles.