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dark circles fadeHello, and welcome to our website. I'm Mirabelle Banks (on the left). On the right is my colleague Linda Johnson. We are both trained aestheticians and we stay involved in the cosmetic industry. I studied chemistry in college. Linda has been a buyer for a huge department store chain, a spa manager, and even a secret shopper.

We started this website because we're excited about the amazing scientific developments and dermatological discoveries of the last few years. Today, each and every customer has basically the very same tools that professional dermatologists and aestheticians in their hands. We don't have to make appointments or consultations, or take time off work, or find a babysitter. Instead you can have everything you need to take wonderful, professional care of your skin delivered to your front door.

One of the most common dermatological complaints is dark under-eye circles. Most people think that dark circles are caused by staying up late or partying. But science teaches us that dark circles are really caused most frequently by genetics. Because of their genetic roots, it has been difficult to fight dark circles. With today's scientific advancements, though, anyone can smooth away dark circles fast and easy. You don't need surgery or shots -- you just need the right topical creams. How fantastic is that?

Please note that we aren't able to review every product on the planet. We'll try to get to them if we have time.

About Mirabelle

Mirabelle is a former chemistry student who is now a trained aesthetician and beauty consultant in South Beach, Miami. Mirabelle tries all the latest new products as they come out. She consults with customers every day to determine the effectiveness of new products. Her hobby is theatrical cosmetics.

About Linda

Linda cut her teeth in the beauty industry by working as a buyer for a national department store chain. Since then, she has managed a spa and become a licensed, practicing aesthetician (and even trains new aestheticians). She is the "skin care consultant to the stars" in South Florida, who pay her well for face-to-face advice.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Disclosure regarding the manufacture of products and affiliations (and how this website generates money):

Although we'd love to make millions of dollars from the Internet, we don't. The truth is we make just about enough money to pay our server company for running this website.

We do make money from affiliate relationships with some of the companies discussed on this website. However, we do not let these relationships affect our product reviews or rankings. We strongly believe that serving you, our readers, is more important than money. Besides, we have our reputations to maintain.

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