Top Recommended Eye Serum for Dark Circles, Puffiness and Bags

RevitaLume free trial Dark circles beware! We have discovered an eye serum that gets rid of dark circles, under-eye bags and even puffiness. This serum is called RevitaLume.

RevitaLume Under Eye Dark Circles Cream is a very light serum that is used very sparingly, twice per day (morning and evening). RevitaLume should be applied on clean skin. Read on to learn more about how this product works.

The RevitaLume Formula

RevitaLume uses what we call the "4th generation" ingredients, the latest and greatest molecular powerhouses research scientists have discovered. These compounds, collectively known as peptides, easily penetrate the skin and boost healing and cellular metabolism in the deep layers of the skin. These ingredients literally heal the skin from the inside out.

Other ingredients in the formula (namely Chrysin and hesperidin methyl chalcone) break down the purple pigment that forms the "dark" in dark circles. This subcutaneous action works amazingly fast. It's not quite true that you can watch your dark circles fade in the mirror, but almost.

Here's the best part: you see results almost right away. We tested RevitaLume by using it under just one eye -- there was quite a visible difference in just a few hours. (If you try this you'll get some weird looks at work! Trust us!)

RevitaLume costs a lot more than generic products on drugstore shelves, but believe this: RevitaLume is worth every penny.

RevitaLume's Free Trial Program

The makers of RevitaLume offer their product on a free trial basis. We enthusiastically recommend taking advantage of this free trial offer. It's so easy to see the difference RevitaLume makes: dark circles fade, puffiness is soothed away, and your skin looks great. But don't try RevitaLume if you're not ready for a big change in your appearance! You may not believe the changes.