Help Covering Dark Under-Eye Circles

Learn more about what causes dark circles under the eyes.

Editor's Choice Eye Cream Hi, folks -- Mirabelle here! My knowledge about theatrical make-up gives me perspective on covering up dark circles. I've given this a lot of thought, and tried a lot of different techniques on my friends. Here are my best cover-up tips for dark circles.

Note: if you have some cover-up tips that have worked for you, get in touch!

Dark Circles and Concealer Should Match

This sounds a little weird, I know, but bear with me. Dark circles come in different colors. Because everyone's skin is a different shade, the pigmentation that causes dark circles creates different visual effects. You have to look carefully and choose a concealer that matches the base tone of your dark circles, like this:

  • Yellow concealer covers purple, gray or blue dark circles
  • Blue or purplish concealer covers brown-toned dark circles
  • Olive concealer covers red dark circles

Use Make-Up Blending to Cover Dark Circles

Depending on your foundation, you have to use a couple of different techniques to cover your dark circles. For thick foundation, put concealer over foundation. Then you must blend them together with a cosmetic wedge. That way, you won't see those distinctive clumps under your eyes.

dark circles fade For thin/sheer foundation, concealer goes under the foundation. Blend the concealer and the foundation carefully together for a smooth, flawless finish.

If your foundation covers up the concealer completely, then your foundation is thick after all and you should put the concealer over the foundation.

Finally, don't use powder around the eyes. All too often, powder around the eyes accentuates the appearance of puffiness. Stick to concealer instead.

More Dark Circles Cover-Up Tips

There are a couple of mistakes that many women make when they're trying to cover up their dark circles. Avoid the following:

  • Too much concealer doesn't do a better job at covering dark circles - it just draws attention to them. Less is more.
  • Mascara sometimes flakes off onto the skin below the eyes. This makes under-eye circles look even darker than before. So use mascara on the top lashes only.
  • Choose your concealer carefully. The wrong color of concealer makes dark circles look even worse.

Keep this in mind: your health is super important. If your general health isn't good then you're more likely to have dark circles. Drink plenty of water, eat healthily, and take care of your skin. We also recommend a high-quality under-eye cream such as RevitaLume to get rid of your dark circles.