How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Editor's Choice Eye Cream There are numerous products for removing facial blemishes, but none of them work the magic of a great dark circles remover. Unlike wrinkles, splotches and other imperfections, dark circles do more than add years to your face. They also make you look tired, depressed and stressed, traits that contrast what all of us want to see in the mirror: vitality and youthfulness.

If you've had dark circles for a while, you probably have clever ways of disguising them, such as wearing sunglasses or applying extra foundation under your eyes. But if you're tired of hiding your dark circles instead of removing them, there are ways that you can reclaim a youthful gaze that draws people to your eyes and not the skin beneath them, three of which we discuss below.

Get Rid of Dark Circles with Cosmetic Surgery

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For most people, cosmetic surgery brings two worries: cost of treatment and fear of poor results. Concerning cost, removing dark circles from both eyes with laser skin resurfacing will cost you around $4,000; thousands more than your mother's favorite eye cream.

Concerning results, hiring a top surgeon is the best insurance of a favorable outcome. But it's also a move that could lead to higher cost.

Add in the fact that the long-term results of laser skin resurfacing for dark circles remains unclear, and it's best to consider other options first.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Dark Circles

Home remedies don't involve high cost, but they do yield poor results, merely improving dark circles instead of removing them. From special tea bags to old-fashioned cucumber slices, the number of home remedies that we apply to our eyes is almost endless.

But the results are the same: the dark circles slightly fade and then return. That's because home remedies don't produce the effect that all dark circle removers should: skin fortification, the process of restoring skin's vitality by improving its coloration and resiliency.

Get Rid of Dark Circles with Eye Creams

Can eye creams really remove dark circles? The answer is yes, but only if you choose the right cream, a task that involves looking past an eye cream's image and into its ingredients. Because the key to removing dark circles around eyes is skin fortification, an eye cream needs ingredients that support the fortification process, particularly antioxidants and bioflavonoids, the main ingredients found in RevitaLume eye cream, one of the top dark circle removers on the market.

Unlike expensive, designer eye creams that make you "feel" more beautiful while delivering poor results, RevitaLume delivers top results at an affordable price, focusing on the science of how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes instead of deceptive ad campaigns. In addition to its affordable price, RevitaLume's amazing, science based results make it our choice for the best dark circles treatment on the market.

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