Make-Up Tips for Dark Circles

Learn more about how to cure eye bags and dark circles.

Editor's Choice Eye Cream If you have dark circles around your eyes, you don't have to make the whole world see. There are several makeup products on the market for both men and women – though some men may be apprehensive to try them out.

There are alternatives for getting rid of dark circles permanently. However, in the interim you can conceal dark circles, without anyone knowing. Our makeup application tips will help you look flawless and radiant, without revealing your dark circles.

Author's Choice Make-Up Tips

dark circles fade One of the most highly recommended concealers on the market is the Iman Corrective Concealer. It comes in liquid form, and dries into a smooth finish. To apply:

  • Sweep a little under your eyes with your index finger
  • Rub in the liquid lightly
  • Start from the corners of your eyes and work outwards
  • Blend in the concealer until the entire area is even-toned

Iman's Corrective Concealer comes in several colors. To achieve the best results, you should select a shade a little lighter than your normal shade to brighten the darker area.

The Iman Concealer is just one of several remarkable products on the market. They do wonders for hiding your flaws. The key is selecting one that contains some main ingredients. These include Mica and Oxychloride. These are recommendable, since they mirror light in darker spots. Another concealer we recommend is the Oleda Dark Circle Remover. These concealers are readily available at any beauty store, pharmacy or big box retailer.

If you choose a liquid concealer that doesn't have a matte finish, a powder foundation should be brushed lightly over your face for a seamless look.

Other Makeup Tricks For Covering Dark Circles

  • Concealers with a yellow-base typically work better on dark circles.
  • Apply concealer lightly – too much will only leave your face looking cakey and unnatural.
  • Never use mascara on your bottom lashes. They frequently fall on your skin's surface, making dark spots darker.
  • Get rid of dark circles permanently with a good eye serum cream that's designed specifically for removing dark circles. The cost is worth the results they give.

Naturally Reducing Dark Circles With Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a common active ingredient in many eye creams. It is very effective for reducing the appearance of dark circles, and preventing future damage around the under eyes. While this tip will not give you results instantly, it's a great long-term solution for getting rid of dark circles.

Dark Circles are caused by the breakdown of capillary walls, and as a result the skin thins and looks dark. Your skin can be strengthened, despite outside influences, such as stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, by using specially formulated eye creams.

Whatever level of dark circle you may have under your eyes, the good news is that there are treatments available, and things you can do to conceal it and look beautiful.

For a list of products to help with your dark eye circles please visit our dark circles product reviews page here.