Home Remedies for Puffiness Under Eyes

Read our puffiness tips and make-up advice for puffy eyes.

Editor's Choice Eye Cream You don't have to rush to the store if you have under eye puffiness. Natural remedies are available right now, in your home.

Cold Compress for Dark Circles

See how an athlete uses cold packs for reducing muscle pain and swelling? Cold compresses have the same effect on puffy under eyes and dark circles. A quick five minute compress helps to relieve the puffiness and improve the look of your eyes.

Cold Spoons for Eye Puffiness

dark circles fade If you don't have a cold compress on hand, do not worry. Your utensils cabinet holds two spoons that you can throw in the fridge. It gives you the same results as a cold compress would. You may get chills from the cold, but beauty comes with a little pain in most instances.

The Tapping Method

Gently tapping your skin will break up those fluids causing puffiness under your eyes. This method works well when combined with another. So after applying a cold compress, gently tap the area under your eyes with clean fingertips.

Cucumbers and Tea Bags

Cucumbers and tea bags work wonders when it comes to dark circles and baggy eyes. They are even more effective when they are cold. So pop them in the fridge overnight and before you take on the day, place one of them over each eye. Both have been used since ancient times, before cosmetics were ready-made. They are effective for soothing and brightening the skin discolorations. Try this regime daily to ward off any form of dark circle or puffiness.

Adjust the Way You Sleep

You should always raise your head on a pillow or two when you sleep to avoid puffy eyes. Also, sleeping on your back is highly recommended. This is a proven method for avoiding facial skin problems and dark circles, since it increases the blood flow to your facial area.

Drink Water

The purity of water makes our skin look pure. It is preached time and time again, that we should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Water has tremendous health benefits. Our bodies are made up of 90% water, and are always renewing cells.

Cells need water to be renewed, so it only makes sense to drink water. Wake up to a glass of water, keep bottles of them handy on the go, to work, school or play. And right before bedtime, sneak in another serving to get your daily recommended dosage.

Keep Your Eye Serum in the Refrigerator

Here's another tip for eye care beauty, keep that bottle of eye serum in your fridge instead of the cabinet. It will have double the strength of just one laying around at room temperature. Make it a part of your beauty regime to apply a tip of cold eye serum right after your daily shower. You'll love the flawlessness of your under eyes if you stick to this routine.

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