Puffy Bags Under Eyes

Learn more about how to reduce puffy eyes.

Editor's Choice Eye Cream Puffy eyes, baggy eyes, dark circles, they also seem like the same jargons, but the causes are different. Puffy eyes are brought on by fluid retention, whereas dark circles are a result of decreased hemoglobin production in the capillary walls. This decreased production results in thinned skinned and discoloration because of the blood underneath the skin.

On the other hand, baggy eyes are caused by excess fat and the weakening of the eye ball septum. While there are topical treatments for puffy eyes and dark circles, baggy eyes may have to get a little snipping from a cosmetic surgeon. There are some new treatments on the market however, which will decrease the look of baggy eyes. In addition, puffy eyes and dark circles are completely treatable.

Treatment for Puffy Eyes and Bags

dark circles fade The very best of science and nature can be found in some good eye serums in the beauty aisle.

A good eye serum will increase the production of enzymes and speed up your body's production of hemoglobin.

Dark circles cream can also strengthen the capillary walls and prevent future damage. While treating the symptoms of puffy eyes, an effective eye serum will also soothe inflammation and reduce the appearance of puffiness.

Tea Bags For Puffy Eyes

If you enjoy sipping on tea, that's great. Tea has many health benefits and it's rich in antioxidants. Using tea topically has benefits too. One of the most popular uses for tea bags in the world of beauty is its ability to reduce puffy eyes.

You can even use recycled bags that you would normally throw out. The most effective way for the tea bag to reduce puffiness is when it is cold. Toss it in the fridge overnight, and use it when you wake up for about ten minutes. You'll see a dramatic difference in the contours f your eyes.

Get Rid of Puffy Bags Underneath Eyes

Home remedies are also available for reducing puffy eyes. These include:

  • Cucumbers, potatoes or cold tea bags – all work best when chilled
  • Cold calms the puff – a cold bag or cold spoons will work well to deflate the puffiness under your eyes.

Even though treatments are readily available, you should target the root cause at its source. Take care of yourself from the inside out. Rest, exercise, maintain a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. These tips go a long way for giving you great health and a long, happy life.

Should you choose to invest in an eye serum, you must choose one that has been tested and credited by consumers. The cost for an eye serum is definitely worth the results it brings. We recommend one such eye serum, which is RevitaLume. It does wonders for puffiness and the greatest benefit is that it works fast.

You can renew the radiance of your face with any method that works best for you. No cost alternatives are also great, so choose wisely. Everyone deserves to look beautiful, including you, so check out our product reviews now to determine which is the best eye cream for you.