How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

Learn more about how to reduce puffy eyes.

Editor's Choice Eye Cream No woman likes the look of puffy eyes in the morning; the way they can make you seem aged, run down, and sickly. It is normally not how you want to be presenting yourself at the start of every day.

Fortunately, the effects of eye puffiness are a short-term condition caused by the build up of fluids beneath your eyes while you sleep. Conditions such as sinus infections, allergies, and sometimes even premenstrual syndrome, can contribute to puffy eyes as it is more a matter of having too much fluid around the eyes than a lack of sleep.

What are Puffy Eyes?

Unlike baggy eyes or dark circles, puffy eyes are not a long term chronic condition; therefore many women let their morning puffiness reduce naturally. It normally only takes a couple hours of being upright for the eyes to heal and return to their natural state.

However, some of us simply do not have the time to let our bodies heal on their own; business and personal life requires us to look our absolute best rise-and-shine, no matter the consequences. If you happen to fall into this category, and are looking the cure, keep reading below.

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How to Treat Puffy Eyes

Treating puffy eyes is sometimes as easy as using a refrigerated cooling eye-gel, but other times it can require drastic changes in the way you sleep at night.

One technique that may or may not be easy to do for some is to try is laying flat on your back while sleeping, with your head raised on top the pillow. This allows fluid retained in the periorbital eye tissues to be released from the eye area easier, reducing swelling and puffiness.

Puffy eye home remedies such as cucumber slices, cold compresses, or even lightly tapping the affected area from the inner to outer corners of the eye, seem to work well in temporarily reducing swelling and puffiness.

Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

If you have been searching for a way to combat your eye puffiness, you might have heard about honey as a home remedy to treat the issue. However, the key to healing your puffy eyes is to cool them, and honey happens to be a warming solution, not a cooling solution.

There are natural some home remedies that will do the trick, such as placing chilled cucumber slices, or refrigerated bags of tea on the eyes. Tea contains tannins that can help fade dark circles as the cold acts to bring down the swelling.

Best Eye Treatment for Puffy Eyes

Today's always-on-the-go women, do not have the time in their morning routine to wait around for home remedies; that's why finding a great eye gel that you can use quickly and easily in the mornings can make all the difference in the world. With fast acting treatments readily available on the market today, every woman can walk out the door with fresh beautiful looking eyes, with the confidence to face the world and all of its modern day challenges.

For help finding the best eye cream that will work for you and your eye care needs, visit our dark circle product reviews page now. You will find breakdowns of top products that can help cure not just puffy eyes, but many tough under-eye conditions.