Remedies for Dark Under Eye Circles

Learn more about natural cures for dark circles under your eyes.

Editor's Choice Eye Cream Dark circles make us look tired, worn out and it may seem like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. There are many reasons we have dark circles. On the plus side, there are things we can do, right at home, to treat and reduce their appearance.

Cucumber Juice for Dark under Eye Circles

Ever heard the expression, "as cool as a cucumber"? Cucumbers are known for their relaxing properties. The natural enzymes in cucumbers also help to brighten the skin. You don't have to rely on a ready-made cucumber cream either. Simply grate the cumber and extract the juice with your hands. The juice can be used under your eyes by applying with cotton balls for ten minutes. You can also slice the cucumber and place it over your eyes for the same amount of time. Potatoes are a great alternative treatment.

An Exotic Treatment for Dark Under Eye Circles

Try adapting food from the land of spice for great looking under eyes. Combine lemon juice, turmeric, pureed tomato and flour. The flour will make it paste together. Use the paste on dark circles for a period of fifteen minutes. Then rinse and apply a cold compress for five minutes.

Tea Bags for Dark Under Eye Circles

Reusing tea bags are nothing new. They are great for reducing the appearance of dark circles. Save two of your used tea bags, pop them in a Ziploc, and refrigerate them. Apply them under your eyes for ten minutes. The natural properties of tea work to rejuvenate your skin.

Vitamin E for Dark Under Eye Circles

Vitamin E is something our skin craves. It's like the missing piece of the puzzle for great looking skin. We recommend taking a small dose every day, both topically and as part of a balanced diet. You can easily use a Vitamin E capsule in your home - pierce it with a needle and apply a small amount under your dark circles. It will help to restore the area. Don't waste what's left in the capsule, drink it down with a tall glass of water, which is great for replenishing moisture in your skin.

A Cold Compress for Dark Under Eye Circles

Using a cold compress will increase the blood flow under your skin. Sometimes dark circles are caused by blood under thinned skin. Using a cold compress will help relieve the symptom.

Dark Circles Removed From the Inside Out

We are, in fact, what we eat. So if you want to look endlessly beautiful, take care of yourself with proper nutrition, a balanced diet, exercise and plenty of water. Those dark circles don't stand a chance of permanence if you follow this rule with the recommended amounts of sleep.

Dark Circle Creams and Serums

Natural remedies certainly provide temporary relief of dark looking circles. However, if you really want to eliminate them for good, try investing in a good dark circles cream. Check out our eye cream and serum product reviews page for more information.