Cellex-C Eye Cream Review

Editor's Choice Eye Cream Cellex-C advanced C eye firming creme is designed to help reduce lines and wrinkles around aging and tired looking eyes. Cellex-C is said to increases elasticity and is thought to help reduce dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin. Cellex-C works to heal and prevent visible signs of damage caused by free radicals, introduced via outside elements. Free radicals rarely have a positive effect on the aging process, so stopping them in their tracks is one of the more effective ways to reduce the signs of aging.

Cellex-C Ingredients

  • Water: Nature's own source of hydration
  • Ascorbic acid: Used to tighten skin around the areas of the eye, and promotes faster absorption
  • Utilizes 10% vitamin C in conjunction with said ascorbic acid.
  • Contains grape seed extract: Supports vascular health on the micro-level of the skin by shielding skin cells from harmful free radicals
  • Contains L-ergothioneine : A natural anti-oxidant.

Cellex-C actually adds ingredients to help facilitate the absorption process, more highly effective cremes use natural ingredients that do not need buffers to help aid in absorption.

Does Cellex-C Eye Cream Really Work?

Cellex-C uses vegetable triglycerides to moisturize dry, sensitive areas of the eyes, as the ascorbic acid promotes natural collagen production. This helps to reduce signs of natural aging that occur naturally over time. Fine lines, loose, sagging skin and deep highly visible wrinkles often give one the appearance that they are much older than their actual age. Cellex-C is formulated for all skin types, however it has been deemed ineffective to individuals who posses extremely oily or ultra sensitive skin.

The problem here being that most woman who need or use this product fall under those categories, thus the product tends to have limited results due to its lack of versatility. Improvement in the overall appearance of the skin around the eyes is said to take as long as 6-8 weeks, assuming you use the product religiously on a daily basis.

Cellex-C Eye Cream is a lightweight cream that is said to quickly become absorbed into the skin once it is applied. While it is very moisturizing and does reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whether or not it heals damage caused by free radicals is difficult to judge, since most of the ingredients used in Cellex-C are not yet scientifically proven to back up the claims the manufacture states.

Where to Buy Cellex-C

Cellex-C is readily available online for purchase. However it is recommended you do your due diligence and research the product further, as the manufacture itself states that this product is not for every skin type. Search for online reviews from people who have actually purchased this product, and gauge the results from as many sources as possible.

In the area of age and wrinkle reducing eye cremes, you may be better off with a product such as RevitaLume. RevitaLume has a better proven overall track record, and is far more forgiving with different skin types.