Dermalex MD Eye Cream Review

Editor's Choice Eye CreamDermalex-MD claims to be specifically designed to eliminate unsightly dark circles.  It is said to attack the main causes of darkened circles, increase strength to capillaries in order to prevent the formation of dark circles to begin with. Dermalex also claims it can smooth skin and reduce its thickness.

The same course of action that can cause bruises to turn dark and tender also helps to form dark circles around the eyes. When you are struck firmly, tiny blood vessels can become damaged; as a result, blood tends to seep into the attached tissues. Your body initiates a complex process to help battle this, and an enzymatic reaction helps to break down the excess blood so your body can process it and break it down. A common side effect of this is that the bi- products often turn into a noticeable dark purple or blue bruise.

The sensitive areas around the eyes (also called periorbital skin) are extremely thin. A complex system of tiny capillaries feed and nourishes this area, often times, these tiny capillaries will leak miniscule amounts of blood. As the bodies' enzymatic process rolls into action, the same purple-blue color is replicated underneath the skin, leading to unsightly dark circles. It becomes more visible under the eyes because the skin there is so thin, and extremely delicate, and in some people, it can seem as if it is more translucent.

Dermalex MD Ingredients

  • Hesperidin methyl chalcone — This is used to try and lower the filtration rate of capillaries, and to cause less blood to flow though the areas closest to the surface of the skin. If successful, this means that less hemoglobin would become oxygenated, this often leads  to cause the dark bluish marks under the eyes. However, there is no substantiated research proving that it will have this effect when this ingredient is applied topically.
  • Chrysin — This is a naturally occurring flavone chemically extracted from the blue passionflower.  It has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 3 — this is a synthetic peptide comprised of four amino acids, which was formulated with the goal of suppressing the body's production of excess interleukins, the chemical messengers that trigger the body's acute inflammatory response.
  • Palmitoyl oligopeptide — from the peptide family. Its sole function is to motivate natural collagen synthesis. It's said to be an effective way to battle harmful free radicals, which attribute to skin damage, collagen breakdowns and unnatural aging.
  • Cucumber Extract — extracted from the vegetable it is somewhat of an astringent, and can help eliminate the puffiness of the skin. Cucumber also has a minimal bleaching effect, which helps in the removal of dead skin cells.

Does Dermalex Really Work?

Dermalex-MD has several ingredients, which appear to be helpful in the reduction of dark under-eye circles.  Their website has a full list of ingredients and a few customer testimonials to back up their claims.  The naturally derived ingredients along with the peptide compounds found in their product may produce the results desired.  As with any skin care product, it is important to research and choose carefully in order to avoid any adverse side effects or allergic reactions.  While this may be the right eye cream for you, other products available today are worth looking into.  Revitalume is a product that has a great track record of proven results.  Their website offers an extensive ingredient list, customer reviews and clinical study results. 

Where Can You Buy Dermalex MD

Dermalex-MD is available online through their website and through a few other online retailers. Read their information and reviews and make the best choice for your skin type and desired results.

As mentioned earlier, you may want to give RevitaLume a closer look before making a decision.