Teamine Eye Complex Review

Editor's Choice Eye Cream Revision Skincare's website states that their Teamine Eye Complex is clinically proven to reduce dark circles and alleviate under eye puffiness, while hydrating dry, flaky skin.

Teamine's light diffusing technology is said to brighten and clarify skin while powerful antioxidants provide additional anti-aging benefits. Revision recommends applying a small amount under and around the eye area, twice daily for best results.

The delicate skin around our eyes is under attack every day by the aging process, UV rays, dehydration, smoking and many environmental factors. With so many negative elements against us, the search for a product to stop or even reverse the damage done to our skin is an ongoing battle. It is difficult to choose one of the many products available on the market today without spending a lot of time researching.

Teamine Eye Complex Ingredients

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - Used to soothe skin and as an anti inflammatory
  • Grape Seed Oil - Used as a mild astringent and moisturizer
  • Glyceryl Stearate - Acts as a lubricant on the skin's surface and is said to slow the loss of water form the skin by forming a barrier
  • Jojoba Esters - Used as a moisturizer, this is an extract of the seed of the jojoba tree and is actually a wax
  • Purified Water

Does Teamine Really Work?

In reading the ingredient's list for Teamine Eye Complex, it does seem that this eye cream should provide a significant source of hydration and moisturization for the skin. The down side is what you'll find near the end of their ingredient's list. This is where they list peptides and other active ingredients, which are much more effective in fighting the effects of aging skin than are the fillers that are used in higher quantities.

The Teamine Complex website is very professional and highlights their top selling products, some of which are only available by prescription. However, their website lacks any list of ingredients, customer reviews, or research to back up their claims. Third party websites do have some of this available to the consumer.

It is difficult to judge why Teamine Eye Complex would not want to provide this information directly to their present and potential customers. While this may be a good skin care product, the consumer should always be prepared to do some reading and research in order to make an informed choice. Some of the positive reviews found on third party websites are a good start, but without additional information to back those up, it's hard to know the real effectiveness of this cream.

Other products, such as RevitaLume, have a much more comprehensive gathering of information available on their website. This will allow the consumer to compile a wider array of facts, and thus choose a more appropriate product based on what they have learned.

Where to Buy Teamine Eye Complex

Teamine Eye Complex is available through several online retailers. Be sure to research any products before you buy them. Check out product reviews and make your own comparison.